JCP Vitrified Clay Pipe is quicly installed with a minimum of additional tools.
• Smaller couplings assemble easily with only a firm push or shove by hand.
• Larger sizes may require a pry bar or pipe puller.
• To obtain proper performance, bell holes must be provided for each section.
• Entire length of pipe barrel must be supported by unyielding bedding.
• It is highly recommended that bedding material be shovel sliced into the haunch of the pipe.
• Refer to ASTM Designation C 12; Standard Practice for Installing Vitrified Clay Pipe Lines.

To Install Polyurethane Compression Joint:
1. Wipe joint clean on both spigot and socket surfaces

2. Lubricate spigot and socket surfaces

3. Insert spigot end firmly into socket immediately after applying lubricant